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Da Gema is a manifesto of designer David Elia, founder of the brand, who, since his childhood, has been in a deep resonance with Rio de Janeiro. The studio Design Da Gema embodies the pureness of Brazil’s vision, whose epitome is drawn by the vision of its designer.

Both a Design studio and small production unit, Design Da Gema is based in Rio de Janeiro. Melting pot of objects, research and ideas, the studio Design Da Gema is like a crucible where metal, material, textures and colors clash into each other. The experiments are multicolored, and the magic of the creation brings nuggets that are full of nuances and storytelling, particularly about the problematics of the Brazilian Territory, well beyond the picture perfect postcard.

For David Elia, life is his main source of inspiration. By observing what surrounds him, he frames his artwork and transcends his everyday perception. Everything is a pretext for creation, and takes shape in an unexpected way by recomposing, reconstructing, up-cycling and re-adapting. David Elia’s artwork speaks about Life, and reflects it.